an English country trio take on a John and Edward song!

honey Ryder a English country trio made a cover of John & Edward’s New Single ‘Leave A Mark’ This Song Is Defo Leaving, A Mark 😉 Check out Honey Ryder Cover of ‘Leave A Mark’ 


John and edward’s new music 

free spirit – Music Video directed/edited and Song written by John and Edward Grimes FREE SPIRIT 

ferocious – Music Video directed/edited by and song written John and Edward Grimes Ferocious starring the ‘America pie’ babe Tara Reid

Make your own luck – Music Video directed/edited and written by John and Edward with special guest celebirty blogger Perez Hilton 

Make Your Own Luck 
Oh Hell No – music video directed/edited by John and Edward grimes and song written by John and Edward Grimes, song feature on the shark ado 3 ‘oh hell no’ trailer john and Edward even made a little cameo OH HELL NO

Leave A Mark – music video directed/edited by John and Edward song also written by John and Edward Grimes. LEAVE A MARK


What’s your favorite Songs From The Twins John And Edward?

Hey, everybody any fans out of their of those cool. Irish twins John and Edward?! I certainly, there’s a lot of you. Like myself, who love john and Edward. I am right?! Hope so. well well, my friends. I need you to contribute your 10 favourite john and Edward, songs and what they mean to them. Leave them in the comments below. Love to hear from you 🙂  xxxx


Hey, thanks for visiting my blog this is my VERY, first time going into this blog, world thing. I want to make a blog about something I most enjoy, and that is Music, Music is the one thing that’s connecting us, and the friend that will ever always be there for us no matter what, music will never take a rain check on you, or forget about you. This blog is mainly going to be about music. I will write about music that I enjoy, and I will tell you about the artists and bands I most enjoy by sharing their videos with you and their music. 
The first musicians I want to tell you about are these lovely dudes.  

They go by the name of John and Edward but the world and media know them as Jedward. These handsome men inspire me and so many of their fans, to be themselves and to reach for the stars. They are hugely misunderstood by a lot of people and non-fans who don’t see how amazing they are. They have a great attitude towards haters and they have always remained themselves from Day 1. I have had, the pleasure of meeting John and Edward, and they are SO nice and lovely, and they make time for everyone. Their music is inspiring and they write everything from the heart. They released a new single recently, called ‘Leave A Mark’. It’s already nearly over 10,000 streams on Spotify. 

The video is now on YouTube on JedwardVevo, go take a look. It’s a stunning music video it’s filled with clips of historic icons. The lyrics are inspiring with lyrics like ‘before you days are numbered, laugh out loud do the right the thing, stand tall & proud’ – it’s a song that YOU must listen to. Here’s the link: LEAVE A MARK JEDWARD :

John and Edward, recently performed at Total Access Live, and got the most cheers from the crowd JEDWARD TOTAL ACCESS LIVE : 

They are both lovee for their energy and how amazing and lovely they are to their fans. 🙂 
I’ve fan since 2009 of the boys and it’s been an amazing journey. I’m so proud to call myself a fan – they are truly amazing 🙂

I hope you enjoy my first blog post!

Martina xxx